November 20, 2012

FDI in Retail to Benefit Punjab Farmers

FDI in Retail Urgently Wanted in India-Jalandhar Thinkers

When there can be Walmart in Communist China why not in India ?

By denying FDI in Retail some Politicians want to keep India in the Stone Age. Communist China has FDI in Retail , FDI in Retail would ensure better Storage ( especially Cold Storage ). Farmers Consumers and many others would benefits. 

Vested interests earlier opposed Compuerisation in Banks , SEBI formation  , Demat of Shares , formation of National Stock Exchange ( NSE ) etc etc

 . With Computerisation and modernisation of Banks even the Aam Aadmi uses ATM Cards. Many Indian Banks are , now , providing World Class services. Employment has in fact increased

With Demat the big problem of Bad Deliveries has vanished. 

See what has reforms done to the Indian Telephone Sector. Earlier one had to wait for 10 to 15 Years to get a telephone connection. Now , nearly every Indian proudly owns a mobile phone . God Bless Sam Pitroda - the Great Visionary.

 There would always be opposition from Vested Interests . Opportunistic Politicians would try to exploit. But India must move on. 

FDI in Retail is urgently required

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