November 09, 2012

Jalandhar Cantt Villages Against Inclusion in Municipal Corp Jalandhar

Dreading the imposition of devastating taxes and procedures of Municipal Corporation , 15 outlying villages of Jalandhar Cantt have opposed tooth and nail their inclusion  in Municipal Corporation Jalandhar.People fear increase in corruption / Harassement and corruption payments (under the table  SEWA - PAANI charges ).

These villages include Dheena ( Dhina ) , Pholriwal . Subana , Deep Nagar , Sansarpur .Kot Kalan . Khusropur , Khambra , Aladnipur . Rehmanpur

Further , the inclusion would mean a hefty rise in Electricity rates  . Presently , the Electricity rates in Municipal areas are loaded with many cesses , Electricity taxes and Choongi making Electricity in Municipal areas much more expensive than in villages..

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Anonymous said...

During Btitish times there was only one Exploiter. Now there are taxes , procedures and corruption charges of First Municipal Corporation Then State Govt. then Central Govt. Every Punjabi wants to remain out side the Municipal limits.