November 18, 2012

Ponty Chadha Murder - Why Was Punjab Police Assigned ? 

Jalandhar Thinkers are aghast at the misuse Punjab Police Personnel  ( PSO s ) who were assigned to a Liquor Baron ( Ponty Chadha could have paid for Private Security ). Why Punjab Tax Payers money was used in this manner?

Ponty Chadha was an ordinary business man ( he had pollution control violation cases  against him for  his  Dasuya Distillery in Punjab )


Ponty Chadha - Brother Murder a la Nepal Palace Shoot Out

The incident is reminiscent of Nepal Royal Palace shoot out in which nearly the entire Royal family was wiped out . 

Some are suggesting that Ponty was handicapped in hands  ( because of electrocution in early life ) and could not fire a gun . In recent past Ponty had been involved in many high ticket deals which involved Top politicians also.

So the whole dual  murder incident requires in depth and impartial police investigation.
Did some one fear an Exposure ?

For Nepal Palace Massacre , please click :-

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