November 10, 2012

Toughness on Corruption / Immorality

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Jalandhar Thinkers have hailed Mr. Arvind Kejriwal 's Patriotic Service to the Indian Nation.

The onus to prove innocence in cases of Corruption / Immorality  is squarely on the accused.

Corruption / Immorality should not be treated merely as an Economic Offence. It should , instead , be taken as Treason ( Waging War Against the Indian Nation ) Corruption and Terrorism are two major threats facing India.

Instead of levelling charges against Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Anu Tandon should reply to the specific charges made against her.

1 ) Does Anu Tandon have a Swiss Bank account or not.?

World wide Swiss Bank accounts are associated with Black Money.

2 ) If yes , What were the sources of this Income.

3 ) Are these amounts reflected in her Income Tax Returns.

4 ) Were there any Foreign Exchange ( Hawala ) rules violations ?

Every politician , in order to become a Mass Leader , has to seek
publicity. To day Arvind Kejriwal is the Most Patriotic Indian and as a Politician Arvind Kejriwal 's status in the Highest among all
Politicians of present day India

Aam Aadmi ( Non VIP Indians ) see Mr.Kejriwal as the future Prime Minister of India.

( When Mr. Kejriwal comes to Power he would also end the pernicious cult of VIP ism especially presently seen at Highway Toll Plazas where Toll evaders are called V I P s . Real V I P s are those who Pay and not Vice Versa )

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