November 21, 2012

Urban Punjabis Oppose Property Tax - Want End to Discrimination

Already Urban Punjabis are facing the brunt of Punjab Govt's over taxation . 

There is Electricity ( Bijli ) - Petrol overburden and discrimination between Rural and Urban areas ,between Farmers and Business men etc etc.

Petrol in Punjab is most expensive in India and Diesel cheapest in the country .

Electricity is given Free to even Super Rich Farmers and on Caste basis but not a single paisa relief to Physically Handicapped Punjabis.( If a Physically Handicapped Punjabi wants to work from Home he is harassed by the Electricity Board that he does not have a Commercial ( penal rate category for Urban Business men ) electricity connection 

Jalandhar residents are strongly opposed to imposition of a new discriminatory tax - Property Tax. . Tax all properties . No more selective discrimination please .

  Urban Punjabis are expecting Relief . But instead they are getting more and ever more taxes.

When Electricity rates were massively hiked Congress put up a Token opposition and later fell quiet. For a few Ministerial seats BJP supports Petrol - Bijli Jazia

It seems Urban Punjabis are No Party 's Vote Bank.

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