December 05, 2012

BJP Should First Help Punjab Retailers :Jalandhar Business Men

BJP is Double Faced and is opposing FDI in Retail purely as an opportunistic ploy. In Punjab , where BJP is a coalition partner , BJP supports a highly discriminatory Electricity pricing policy. In Punjab where as even Super Rich farmers get Free Electricity even a humble Paan Wala has to apply for and pay @ Penal Rates for Electricity ( which is euphemistically called COMMERCIAL Electricity connections In Parliament Bhartiya Janta ( BJP ) Party is shedding crocodile tears in the name of Indian retailers.

If BJP is sincere about safeguarding the interests of Indian Retailers , BJP should first jam the Punjab Vidhan Sabha and hold a Debate there as to why Punjab business men are charged electricity @ Penal Rates especially when even Super Rich Farmers ( some holding Land worth thousands of crores ) get Free Electricity.

 BJP has Double Standards.

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