December 11, 2012

Foreign Stores Won't Affect Indian Retailers

There is no question of Competition. Foreign Retailers and Indian Stores would co -exist. Stores like Walmart would fill a Virgin space at the Top in the big cities and at up market locations.Foreign stores would not affect the presently operating Indian Retailers.

It is the present day Middle Men who would have to rationalise their operations. Example currently it is the Wholesale Vegetable Dealers who are minting money by manipulating rates ( negatively both for the Farmers and Consumers ).

 ( BJP is absolutely mum on the Killer rates of Electricity being currently paid by Shop Keepers in Jalandhar and rest of  Punjab ) Rs. 5600 crore annually  of Punjabis Tax money is used to give free electricity to even Super Rich farmers.

CM Punjab asks the PM for a Rs. 5000 crore package but only for Farmers of Punjab 

In the Wholesale Vegetable Markets some times the going rate for a Vegetable like Gobi  is Rs. 5 / Kg. With in a few days it can be Rs. 15 / Kg.It is such pricing practices which would be brought under check by Foreign Chains ( Their Cold Storage Chains would help. ) Present day Wholesalers have a vested interest in not having storage facilities.

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