December 25, 2012

Justice For Damini- Petition Preseident / Chief Justice of India

This weekend we showed our Government that we have had enough! I joined thousands of citizens in Delhi at India Gate - it was inspiring to see people, young and old, men and women, brave the cold, the water cannons, the lathis and the tear-gas.
The very police that is supposed to protect civilians beat unarmed protesters. Women and children were not spared.  
They think they can silence us! While some steps have been announced by the government, including the setting up of fast track courts in delhi, we believe this is not enough and much more needs to be done.
Help us reach out to more voices from across India to support our demands. Forward this email this mail to everyone you know. 
We have already reached over 74,000 signatures. I am following up on my request for an appointment with the President and the Chief Justice of India but so far have not heard from either office.
I hope to deliver your signatures personally. Can you help reach 1,00,000 signatures before that ?
Forward this email to everyone you know.
Thank you for your support,
Namita Bhandare via
Can you spare a few minutes to make some calls and add pressure?
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