December 06, 2012

Urban Punjabis Resent Over Taxation - Car/ Scooter Transfer Hiked Manifold

Jalandhar residents have expressed their gratitude to the front page report in the popular Daily Punjab Kesri ( Jalandhar ) regarding the over taxation by the Punjab Govt.

Taxation Hikes in one form or the other are taking place on regular basis.

Recent is the Scooter and Car Transfer Charged.

Scooter Transfer charges have been raised from Rs. 100 to Rs. 680

Car Transfer charges have been raises from Rs. 100 to Rs. 3500


These manifold increases in Scooter / Car transfer would lead to Buyer of second hand scooters / Cars not  registering their transfers. These would lead to Policing problems.

Further , scooters are used by the Middle Classes.Govt. should not have put such heavy taxation burden on them. Already Petrol in Punjab is Rs. 8 Per Litre more costlier than in Haryana.

Punjab Govt. should cut its expenditure , reduce bureaucracy and subssidies and should give relief to Urban Punjabis.

BJP 's silence on the issue o Over Taxation of Urban Punjabis is very surprising 

Rs. 5600 Crore Worth Free Electricity to Farmers in Punjab

Punjab 's taxpayers would be paying Rs. 5600 crore for providing Free Electricity to farmers in Punjab.

To make up for this subsidy more and more taxes are being imposed  especially on Urban Punjabis.

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