January 21, 2013

Anti Gold Minset of the Govt.- Patriots Hurt


Govt. has passed on the blame Diesel subsidy disaster on Gold Imports feel Jalandhar Thinkers.

 Indians are investing in Gold because bad Govt. policies ( Policy Paralysis and Vote Bank Subsidies especially Diesel Subsidy) has resulted in Indian Economy / Indian Share Markets not doing well. Make Share markets Out Performers and Gold would automatically become Under Performer,

Not Gold but Diesel etc imports are spoiling the Balance of Payments. There is urgent need to cut Diesel imports. Wastage of Diesel in SUV and other Luxury Vehicles ( especially in Punjab ) should be eliminated.Diesel Rationing should be introduced

If you make Gold Costlier you would only be helping those Indians who already have Gold and make it difficult for those who do not have and want to have some.

Gold imports unlike Diesel imports also indirectly make India wealthier and more secure, Even privately held Gold comes in handy at the time of National Emergencies.

(Our family in 1993 gave nearly all its Gold ( Gold Bond Scheme ) when there was appeal for it.) Patriotic Indians did the same in 1962 Indo - China War.

Common Indians did not let down the country in 1962 Mr. FM Sir

In case of . God Forbid , a war with Pakistan it is the privately held Gold by Indians and not subsidised Diesel which would come to the rescue of our country. Privately held Gold is India`s Hidden Asset ( We Indians have more Gold than is there in Fort Knox )

All those who gave their Personal Gold to the Govt. are greatly upset over this Anti Gold mindset of the Govt ,

Not a word about their Patriotism.

This is a Govt. of Rich Farmers

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