January 12, 2013

Conitnue Dialogue With Pakistan - Jalandhar Thinkers

There are different Tiers in Pakistan `s Decision Making Machinery. We must deal with each Tier accordingly.

People of Pakistan want closer links / contact with India. This must be allowed by way of Liberal Visas Trade Cricket , Films etc etc.

Political Set Up in Pakistan wants to normalise relations with India. This must continue. An ignored Pakistan may fall into the Chinese net which would be more harmful from the Indian perspective.

Pakistan Armed Forces have have a Vested Interest in continued Hostility with India So Indian Armed Forces should always be ready to deal with Pakistan militarily ( So no question of vacating Siachin )

Non State Actors / Terrorists would continue to target India. For them India should have Covert Actions by India`s Non State Actors. Like Pakistan India should also deny the activities of India`s Non State Actors

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