January 09, 2013

Jalandhar Condemns Pakistan Army 's Beheadings of Indian Jawans


What is most serious is the manner in which Indian Jawans have been martyred . The Beheadings are extremely barbaric and against Geneva. Convention. The Issue should be raised in the UNO.

Indian Army needs to retaliate in an exemplary manner. India should wake up to the threat of a Joint Pakistan - China attack from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ( along the Muzzafarabad - Srinagar Road ).

It is really sad that Indian Govt. is acting in a way like in 1962.

Because of rising Fiscal Deficit Indian Govt. is

1)Delaying setting up of the urgently needed Mountain Strike Corp
2 )Indian Air Force `s Budget has been reduced by Rs, 10000 crore
3)Indian Artillery `s 155 mm Howitzers ( Bofor type ) not replenished
4 ) IndianNavy`s Air Craft Carrier INS Vikramaditya indefinitely delayed
5 ) Indian Navy `s Scorpene Submarines also delayed.

Defence scenario is very grim. We should stop wasting time in Walkouts / Jammings / Filibustering / Quotas / Retailers Interest / Diesel Subsidies etc. and immediately attention should be paid to the Pakistan - China nexus. Chinese Troops ( PLA army ) is already in Gilgit / Hunza . From  here along with Pakistan army it would move into Indian Kashmir.
The absence of India`s Mountain Strike Corps would prove to be very very costly (a la 1962 ) 


It is really sad that the Tax Payers Money meant for Indian Defence is being diverted towards subsidies especially the Diesel Subsidy. Immediately Diesel Rationing should be introduced and the subsidy thus saved should be allotted to shoring up Indian Defence Forces ` requirements. 
 Chinese Troops Already in Kashmir - Indian Army Chief


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