January 18, 2013

Join Petition For Resignation of Rapist MP / MLA s

Srikant wants to clean up India’s political leadership. 2 MPs and 42 MLAs have been charged with crimes against women- but they continue to represent us. Srikant has started a campaign calling party leaders to ask for their resignation before Republic Day, 26th January 2013. Join him and sign his petition.

She used to clean human excreta from houses with her bare hands. 40 year old Choti Bai from Rajasthan was forced to do this when she was a child. There are thousands of women like her who still perform this illegal practice because of their gender and their caste. She has started a campaign through the organisation which rescued her, telling PM Manmohan Singh to eradicate Manual Scavenging in India. Join Choti Bai.

Kavita Krishnan started a petition asking for the abolition of the “two finger” test. Kavita feels this practice of inserting two fingers in the vagina of a rape survivor to check if she is ‘habituated to sex’ is nothing but medical re-rape that should not have any impact on the outcome of a rape case. Sign her petition to Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.

You can find all the campaigns that have been started around the issue of rape and violence against women here: https://www.change.org/en-IN/campaigns/violence-against-women#all-time
Thank you for taking action,

Preethi Herman and the Change.org team
PS: A number of artists and designers from across India have started a poster campaign called "fearless". You can support them by sharing, tweeting, printing or designing a poster.

PPS: You too can start a petition around any issue, mobilise people and bring about a positive change.
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