January 24, 2013

Would Common Indians Ever Be Safe ?

After the recent Protests in the entire country against the insecurity our women face will our Security set up Reform ?

Nothing will change , in Delhi , or in the rest of the country.Non VIP Indians would continue to be unsafe as before .

What happened during the Anti Sikh Riots of 1984? For 3 days , in India`s Capital around 3000 innocent Indians were massacred . No Police action. Was any action / reform undertaken vis-a-vis the role of Delhi Police or the Lt. Governor of Delhi. 

Compare this with the Parliament Attack. Elite Special Forces of the Indian Army were at the Parliament House within 5 minutes. Why was the Army not called out for the first 3 days in 1984. Since , 1857 ( War of Independence ) Delhi ( especially Red Fort ) is a garrison town.In 1984 Army units were not ordered to come despite worst and most brutal killings of Indians taking place just hundreds of meters away from the Red Fort. 

If nothing changed after 1984 on the way of the functioning of the Delhi Police / office of Lt. Governor of Delhi can things change now?

These are Double Standards. The Police etc functions only for the Politicians etc .

Those who forget History are Condemned to Repeat it

Had suitable action been taken against the erring s in 1984 , 2012 would not have happened .

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