March 16, 2013

Jalandhar Revolt Against Property Tax- Jalandhar Bandh Proposed

 Crushing burden of Over taxation by Punjab Govt. on Urban Non Vote Bank segment of Punjabis by way of Killer Charges of Electricity , Petrol ( which is Rs. 8 Per Liter more expensive than Haryana ) and , now , Property Tax on Urban Properties has resulted in universal opposition.

A Massive Jalandhar Bandh is proposed for . most likely , 19 th March 2013. 

Crushed by Petrol / Bijli Jazia in Punjab , many Paid Category of Electricity consumers of Punjab would extend moral support to the Gandhian Bijli Satyagraha of AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal who is holding an indefinite Fast on 23/03/13 and refused to pay unjust Electricity Bills issued to the Common Non Vote Bank consumers.


Massive Over Taxation -Urban Punjabis Left Orphans by Political Parties

Three massive Taxes have been announced burdening the Urban Punjabis 

New Property Tax for Urban Punjabis only 

Masive Hike ( Fifth  Hike ) in Toll Tax Plaza at Sutlej Bridge ( Phillaur ) Jalandhar -Ludhiana GT Road.

Increase in VAT 

No Relief has been granted to Urban Punjabis on Massive Cross Subsidy burden on Petrol and Electricity ( Petrol - Bijli Jazia .

 All political parties have ditched Urban Punjabis. 

Jalandhar Objects New Property Tax - Calls it Anti Urban Jazia

Urban Punjabis are already bearing over taxation on a discriminatory basis between Urban and Rural public.

While Urban Punjabis especially the business men are being over taxed to unbearable limits and there are reckless cross subsidy burden on Paid categories ( Urban Consumers of Electricity ) Rural landlords ( including Super Rich Creamy Layer Agriculturists owning land worth hundreds of crores  ) are getting freebies and heavy subsidies ).

The burden of financing the rural subsidies is put on Urban Punjabis by putting more and more taxes.

Now , Property Tax is being sought to be put on nearly 1 : 25 lakh urban residents of Jalandhar City .

Jalandhar residents strongly oppose this tax . They want relief from Over Taxation and want equal treatment from Govt. Govt. should not discriminate on the basis of Vote Banks.


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