March 23, 2013

Paid Electricity Consumers of Punjab Demand Fairplay

Punjab Govt. is providing an Annual Subsidy of Rs. 6000 Crore  for providing Free Electricity to Farmers including Super Rich Farmers owning Land  worth thousands of Crores. 

The burden of this massive subsidy is put on the Non Vote bank / Urban Non Farmers on whom the Punjab Govt is imposing outrageous and ever new taxes.

The  latest of such discriminatory taxes is the Property Tax on Urban Areas / Non agricultural land owners.

Whereas the Punjab Govt is citing Central Guidelines it is ignoring Central Guidelines on end to giving free electricity to Farmers.

With the exploited and heavily discriminated Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab getting organised and supporting Arvind Kejriwal 's  Gandhian Satyagraha against Bijli Bills , there would  soon be relief for them .

The Demand for a Separate Electricity Board for Paid Category of electricity consumers of Punjab would take place.,

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