March 04, 2013

Punjab Electricity Consumers Welcome Kejriwal's Bijli Satyagarha

Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab have welcomed AAP ( Aam Admi Party )'s Indefinite Fast from 23-03-13 against High Electricity rates for the common man.

In Punjab , Electricity is given Free on Vote Bank basis to  many consumers ( including Super Rich Farmers ). The Non Vote Bank are made to pay double ( the rates prevailing in neighbouring Himachal Pradesh ) for Electricity .

Urban Business men are charged penal rates euphemistically called Commercial Category.

Paid Urban  consumers of Electricity  are charged additionally Choongi ( Octroi ) and a massive Electricity Tax ( Bijli Kar )

No concession in given to Physically Handicapped Punjabis because they are not considered to be a Vote Bank.


Arvind Kejriwal 's Electricity Satyagraha Welcomed in Punjab 

Paid Category of Electricity in Punjab who arepaying more than Rs. 7 to Rs. 8 Per Unit for Electricity have welcomed Arvind Kejriwal's moves on the exploitation of non vote Electricity consumers. Urban Business are charged penal rates under a category euphemistically termed as Commercial category.Free Electricity in Punjab is given to Farmers ( including the Super Rich owning land worth thousands of crores ) and on Caste basis ( including the Creamy Layer ) No relief is given to the physically Handicapped Punjabis because they are not considered to be a Vote Bank 

There is overwhelming support for Arvind Kejriwal's move of personally restoring connections which have been disconnected.

People welcome this Gandhian approach  ( like the Salt Satyagraha by Mahatma Gandhi ) of Arvind Kejriwal  to end exploitation.

Paid category in Punjab is demanding a Separate Electricity Board for the Paid Category of Electricity consumers.

Non Vote Banks are being subjected to Bijli - Petrol Jazia ( Petrol in Punjab is Rs. 7 Per Litre more expensive than in neighbouring Haryana although in both states it is sourced from the same set of refineries )  

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