April 11, 2013

Separate Electricity Board Demanded by Paid Consumers After Massive Electricity Hike in Punjab


Paid consumers of Electricity in Jalandhar and rest of Punjab are Devastated after the announcement of massive increase in Electricity rates ( for Urban Paid Non Farmer Category ).

The basic massive increase would have a Multiplier  effect on Final Rates payable because of :-

1 ) Choongi ( Octroi ) - Choongi has been abolished and replaced by VAT. But Choongi is continued to be levied on Urban Consumers. Choongi is a Municipal Levy. But this Municipal Levy is not being passed over to the Municipaliities

2 )Further , in the Urban Bills ,a Massive Electricity Tax ( Bijli Kar ) is added.

3 ) Meter Charges

4 ) Massive 10% Penalty Foe Delay in Payment even if by a SINGLE DAY.

This  massive increase ( for Paid Category / Non Vote Banks ) has come in immediately after the Goa Chintan Shivr where Akali Dal- BJP announced its commitment to provide a Rs. 7000 crore + Free Electricity to Farmers ( including Super Rich Farmers ).

Paid Category of Electricity in Punjab are , now , Demanding a Separate Electricity Board For Paid Category of Electricity consumers .

Punjab Govt. can have a Different Electricity Board or a Govt. Department ( financed exclusively  by Govt. Grants ) for the Free Category of Electricity Consumers in Punjab.  

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