May 29, 2013

In India Tribals Are Like Physically Handicapped - Both Dumped

Maoism and such like anti State movements represent , basically , the failure of Democracy in India.
Theoretically , in a democratic set up , if any section of our society has any grievance , then the elected Representatives should address the issues.

But , in reality , our MP s / MLA s are not sensitive to the aspirations of the electorate , not for at least the first 4 years 6 months of their getting elected. Even then they work out a clever formula of Vote Bank combinations in which the targeted Vote Banks get state funded freebies and other benefits. But the Non Vote Banks are , not only ignored but even made to foot the bill for the benefits given to the Vote Banks.

So , there is no one who would listen to the concerns of the Non Vote Banks. Which doors to knock?

Behind their closed doors , there is only noise and din of Adjournments , Walkouts , Freebies / Subsidies for Rich Farmers , Reservations in promotions , OBC Quota for the Creamy Layer, Banning FDI in Retail etc etc.
Example , even in a developed state like Punjab Vote Bank ( rich Farmers ) get Rs. 8500 crore worth of annual Free Electricity , Diesel cheapest in India , Petrol ( used by the common Man or Non Vote Banks ) Rs. 8 Per Liter more expensive than in neighboring Haryana . But not a single Paisa relief to the Physically Handicapped

Why ? Because Physically Handicapped are no Party's Vote Bank. 

They do not count in the Election Algebra .

Tribals of India are just like the Physically Handicapped Indians .

( Even in Reservations for SC / ST the same family goes on monopolising the benefit generation after generation . They have no qualms about denying the Reservation benefit to the truly deserving in their own community )

Where do the underprivileged / oppressed go in India ?


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