May 07, 2013

India Should Demand Coco Islands Back - Jalandhar Thinkers

China has been able to achieve its objective in Chumar by taking military action in Indian Daulat Beg Oldie Sector.On the other hand , India appeared to be hesitant to take military action. Net result It is not Status Quo Ante as India has lost its structures in Chumar whereas China has lost nothing.
India especially the Think Tank manning the China ( Far East ) Desk in the Ministry of External Affairs, South Block should do some introspection before terming the entire episode as some thing of a Diplomatic success,.

 India must be very stern with China. China respects only brute force. " Power Stems From The Barrel of a Gun " Says Mao in the Little Red Book. The present Chinese leadership continues to live under the delusions of the Ming Rulers that China is the Middle Kingdom and that Rest of the World Revolves around it.

China has observation posts on Coco Islands ( Originally Indian territory but gifted to Burma by Nehru ) in the Bay of Bengal. These observation posts keep an eye on the movements of the Indian Navy. India should demand dismantling of these Chinese observation Posts and further demand that Coco Islands be returned to India.

Immediately, funds should be released for the Mountain Strike Corps and Rafale deal ( as we require deadly Air power to deal with China ).

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