May 17, 2013

OBC Reservation Quota - Creamy Layer to Corner All Benefits - Deserving to be Left Out

Govt. has raised the Eligibility Criterion for Reservation Benefit for OBC  ( Other Backward Castes ) to parental income of Rs. 6 Lakh per Annum i.e. Rs. 50,000 Per Month.

This is a Backdoor permission to all OBC candidates to become eligible as the threshold limit is very high.

This move is a negative development for the really deserving cases within the OBC community . These deserving candidates would  lose to those from such families who have already taken the benefit of Reservation and are now not in any way " Backward "

This is a Political move and would go against the Poor and Under privileged OBC candidates.

What is the logic behind the same family going on taking the Reservation benefit generation after generation ( Dr. Ambedkar had provide for Reservations for only 25 years ()

If a candidate,s parents studied in St. Stephen;'s College , AIIMS , IIT etc etc , where is the logic in his taking the Reservation Benefit.

Every case of a Creamy Layer candidate taking the Reservation means that he is denying a Desrving Case from within his own community.

They should do some introspection.

Earlier we  had a Manu Mandated order of Privileged Castes BASED OF BIRTH.Now , we have another Govt. mandated set  BASED AGAIN ON BIRTH . 

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