June 15, 2013

Pakistan - India - Dividends of Peace And Co-operation

Jalandhar Thinkers feel :

India must supply electricity to Pakistan even if India does not have surplus of it.

This move stems from the basic geographic closeness between India and Pakistan .
The idea is to further India - Pakistan joint ventures .
This would help a sort of joint Pakistan - India initiative in Afghanistan ( post American departure ) and more importantly , this move , will help keep Pakistan away from China.
Similarly , India should help Pakistan Railways by supplying Diesel engines . Here , also , the Railway systems like gauge etc( as build by British India ) are same .
Some times , decisions have to be taken on strategic considerations.
( Germany in the Second World War , while it was short of U Boats arranged a U - Boat ( submarine ) for Netaji Subhash Chander Bose 's journey to Singapore . )

  • Dividends of Peace and Co-operation are much more than of hatred and enmity.
    No two countries ( not even the USA and Canada ) have more in common than Pakistan and India , be it history , culture , religion , language , rivers , seas , mountains ,economy , railway systems , movies , music etc etc.
    Indo - Pakistan border is the most un natural border in  the World.

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    Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

    In a lighter vein , it is said in India and Pakistan there are same set of GAALI s ( Ma - Behan )