July 22, 2013

Commission Agents ( Artihas ) of Punjab Resent Govt.'s Anti Business Agenda

Business Men of Punjab are resentful of the anti Non Farmer ( Non Vote Bank ) agenda of the Punjab Govt.

Recently , the Govt targeted Property Trade by its unrealistic charges for Regularisation of Colonies

Thousands of deed Writers have been left jobless. No compensation has been given to the Govt.

Now , it is the turn of Artihas ( Commission Agents ) on whom Govt. wants to put in place Licence- Inspector Raj.

On the other hand Vote Banks ( Rich Farmers ) are being given new concessions every day.

Paid consumers of Electricity are demanding a Separate Electricity Board for Paid consumers. This Board would be free from Political interference and work on Commercial lines.

For Free consumers of  Electricity in Punjab , Govt. can run it as a Govt. department.

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