September 01, 2013

Business Men Oppose JAATI SUCHAK Remarks on Govt. TV Ads ( on Food Security )

Business community is the Biggest Tax Payers . It is on their taxes that Freebies / Subsidies are given to the Vote Banks.

Look how they are treated.

Official Govt. TV ads ( on Food Security- Bharat Nirmaan Ad in which an humble retailer and an over energetic young lady are depicted ) ridicule Business Men  as Cheats  by using JAATI SUCHAK words.

Business Men have to work very hard in a hostile environment .Firstly , they have to earn for their families and secondly to provide for the freebies to the Vote Banks of Netas.


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Only those who Pay Taxes can be dubbed as Evaders . What about those , like Super Rich Farmers / Bribe taking Netas / Babus who do not pay any tax ?

If we cannot eliminate Bribe taking why not legalise it. Recipients should include it in their Returns under the Head " Income From Other Sources " and pay Income Tax on it.

Further, Bribe payment should be made a officially recognised business expense and payments for amounts above Rs. 50,000 be made by Account Payee Cheques.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

It appears that covert encouragement is being given to Gold Smuggling at Petrol Black Marketeering ( by closing Petrol Pumps at Night ) for a suitable cut to the Babu / Neta.