October 07, 2013

Punjab Traders Oppose New Entry Tax- End Inspector Raj

Traders of Jalandhar feel that Punjab Govt. should reduce its expenditure ( especially electricity subsidy to Super Rich Farmers ).

New Entry Tax for goods entering Punjab would only lead to further corruption which is already at very high levels.

20 % of Economy ( Business Sector ) is paying Taxes / Cross Subsidies for the entire Economy ( including Super Rich Farmers ).

Income Tax should be suitably renamed  as NON FARMER INCOME TAX .

Many Indians ( including a large number of Punjabis ) chose to migrate in 1947 from the newly created Pakistan to avoid the Vote Bank Agenda of Muslim League( Rich Zamindars ) only to become subservient to Govts representating class interests Rich Farmers of India.

Pakistan was created to safeguard the Class Interests of Rich Zamindars of United India.

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