October 15, 2013

Up to 10 Times Increase in Old Vehicles Transfer Fees in Punjab

Vehicle Owners of Jalandhar and rest of Punjab are devastated by up to 10 times increase in Punjab Govt. 's fees for transfer of second hand vehicles in Punjab.

                      Old Rate                      New Rate

Two Wheeler  Rs. 30   then 450     now  -700 

Three Wheeler  150       - 620        now 1620

Four Wheeler   100       520           now  3520

Six Wheeler                                   now 5720

 Punjabis feel that instead of daily increase in taxes / Govt. fees in a Tughlak Shahi manner , Punjab Govt.should cut it expenditure. 

Punjab's bloated bureaucracy should be cut.

Subsidies  should be cut and these should be given on the basis of need and not on the basis of Vote Banks

Suitable concessions should be given to  the Physically Handicapped Punjabis on transfer of vehicles for their use

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