November 30, 2013

Jalandhar Thinkers Object Chinese Arrogance

China calls Indian Kashmir as Indian Occupied Kashmir . India should refer to Tibet not as Chinese but as Chinese Occupied Tibet.

The Far East Bench of Ministry of External Affairs , South Block needs a Revamp as it meekly accepts Chinese arrogance .

The IAS lobby should not over extend in affairs of Armed Forces.

Rafale Deal should be immediately signed. They are the best air support for the Mountain Strike Corps. 


Chinese leadership continues to suffer from the historical delusions of the Ming Dynasty that China is the Middle Kingdom and that the rest of the World revolves around it. They follow the Maoist dictum ( as given in the Little Red Book ) that Power Stems From the Barrel of a Gun. Tothis the Indian pearl of wisdom is " Laaton Key Bhoot Baaton Sey Nahin Mantey

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