January 21, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal's Dharna is For Freeing Police From Political Interference

The real issue in Arvind Kejriwal's Dharna is that State Police Departments should be freed from Political Control and Interference. In every State the CM keeps the Home Ministry ( and with it the State Police ) with him . Police Departments work more for the Politicians and less for the Public.

It is the same Delhi Police which did not take any action for Three Days ( till the Army was called out ) against the culprits in 1984 Anti Sikh riots in Delhi.

Was any action taken against the Lt. Governor office. ?

In 1984 ,'Police Control Room had recorded frantic distress calls. But when these were passed on to concerned Thana s no action ( no records ) .

Who is the Police working for ?

They avoid registering FIR s.

They first note it on a plain paper.

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