January 28, 2014

Municipal Corp Highhandedness Chaupati Jalandhar Deeply Deeply Resented

Jalandhar Public is very resentful of the manner in which Municipal Corporation ( with Police ) destroyed the goods ( eatable ables ) of poor Rehriwalas at Chaupati ( Adarsh Nagar ) Jalandhar.

There is no justification moral or legal for overturning the Sambar , Gol gappas etc of fellow Indians , who were merely trying to earn a living.

The real Issue is that Municipal Corporation does not get funds from the State Govt.

Despite substituting Choongi ( Octroi ) by VAT , Electricity Board continues to charge Choongi on the Electricity Bills of Urban Paid Category.

Municipal Corp. Jalandhar , instead of taking a Gen Dyer attitude on poor Non Vote Banks should have the asked for their share in Choongi in Electricity Bills.

India is independent and there should be be no discrimination on the basis of Vote Banks and Non Vote Banks.

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