January 13, 2014

Reminder of Opium Trade Under East India Company



East India Company 's rule in India should be interpreted as that of modern world's pioneering drug trafficking syndicate . This criminal activity was done as a matter of state mafia as East India company was the ruling state authority.

The modus operandi of East India Company was that farmers in Bengal and Bihar ( Bengal Presidency ) were forced to grow opium . This was purchased by the East India Company and its agents at very low rates and then shipped to China.The majority of Chinese population was made drug addicts. Opium Wars were fought with the Chinese to further the drug trade of East India Company .

To pay for the Indian opium , Chinese silver ( especially Chinese silver coins ) were taken from China. These were melted in to Indian silver rupee coins at a great profit margin. ( Indian silver rupee coin weighed around 11 grammes and the Chinese silver was acquired by the East India company at much lower rate ).

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