March 31, 2014

Only Vote Banks Matte

Farmers ( Vote Banks ).

In which other country do Citizens owning land in thousands of crores get Free Electricity and Physically Handicapped get not a Single Paisa relief.

Indian Income Tax should be renamed Indian Non Farmers Income Tax.


Pindari Movement under East India Co - Maoism Under Current Govt.s

The Issue of Maoists / Naxalism and that of Pindari / Thugee have similar origins i.e. neglect /exploitation by the Governments.

East India Company had brought ruination to the flourishing rural handicraft industry . especially weavers , by massive imports of English Machine made cloth. THE PLAINS OF INDIA WERE BLEACHED BY THE BONES OF COTTON WEAVERS.

Pindari /Thugee movement recruits were from these starving craftsmen whose livelihood was destroyed by the exploitative and buccaneering Govt. of East India Company .

Col Sleeman and other Britishers took the credit for suppressing Thugee which they themselves had created.

The fruits of Indian Freedom have been monopolised by the so called V I Ps ( and the Vote Banks ).

Tribals ( and other Non Vote Banks like Physically Handicapped Indians )have not gained any thing from the Indian independence.

The lot of the Tribals and others is worse off than it was during the British Colonial times.


Real Thugs / Pindaris were Robert Clive , Warren Hastings and such like officials of the East India Company .

East India Company was the first Organised Drug Traffickers Mafia . It made Indian farmers grow opium which it then exported to China

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