July 20, 2014

Punjab Traders Up in Arms Against VAT 13 (1 )and Sales Tax Inspector Raj

Traders of Punjab are demanding immediate against the draconian Section 13 ( 1 ) on VAT.

Further , there should be a check on Inspector Raj and corrupt Sales Tax Officials.

Jalandhar District Congress ( Urban ) President Rajinder Beri has extended full support to Punjab business men.


Punjab Congress leader Sunil Jhakhar has demanded that Petrol ( consumed by Common Man in Scooters , Motor cycles , small cars , prices in Punjab be brought down. Punjab Govt. is imposing highest VAT rate on Petrol 


Octroi  ( Choongi ) continues on Urban Electricity Bills in Punjab ( burden Only on Paid Category of Bijli Consumers )

In Punjab Octroi has been substituted by VAT. But Octroi continues to be imposed on Urban Paid Consumers of Electricity.

 Punjab Govt.gives free Electricity to Vote Banks ( including Rich Farmers and on Caste basis )0  and not a single Paisa Relief to Physically Handicapped Punjabis .

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