August 06, 2014

Jalandhar Traders Forced to Come Out on Roads

Sales Tax and Excise Officials 's highhandedness has brought them in to confrontation with Traders and Industrialists of Jalandhar.

Industrialists and Traders Joint Action Committee has given Monday ( 11 / 08/14 ) as the Deadline  to accept their demands and also bring erring Sales Tax officials to book.

Otherwise Traders and Industrialists would be forced to organise a Dharna on Tuesday ( 1 /08/14 ) at the Sales Tax Offce BMC Chowk Jalandhar.

It is really sad that Traders who are nearly the sole contributors of State taxes , from which Govt. is run and freebies given to Vote Banks.are treated so shabbily.

 Babus do not give Traders and Industrialists the respect they deserve as the Main Tax Payers.

Inspector Raj corruption should be brought under tolerable limits. 


Govt. should treat all Punjabis equally whether Vote Banks or Non Vote Banks. Free Electricity should be given to Physically Handicapped Punjabis and Property Tax levied on Luxurious Farm Houses.

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