November 25, 2014

Thank God The Father of Nation Was Not Present Day Politician

 Jalandhar Thinkers are discussing :-

Now,every where there is Caste / Vote Banks and their Brand Ambassadors
No body discusses or mentions about the Father of Nation 's caste.

He was a Bania ( Trading Caste )

Finances for the freedom struggle came mainly from homegrown industrialists like Birlas ( Ghansham Dass Birla )and Bajajs ( Jamna Lal Bajaj ) - God Bless Them
Landmark movements like Champaran ( Present Bihar ) Bardoli ( Present Gujarat ) were Farmers/ Agriculture oriented.
And look how Traders and Industrialists are treated.

Most Exploited .

Has any politician ever mentioned the Patriotism of all those Indians who gave their Personal Gold to the Govt. at the time of National emergencies.?


De ja vu - George Orwell - Animal Farm

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