January 07, 2015

Old Popular Brands and Folk Parlance ( especially Jalandhar /Punjab )

Good Man Di Laaltain , ( Bad Man Da Diva )
( Buy Goodman Brand Lantern - Don't Use an Earthen Lamp )
Bandaa Honsley Da , Pankha Khosley Da
( Man Should be Courageous - Buy Fan of Khosla Brand )
Paani Pump Da, Cigarette Lump Da
( Drink Water from a Pump - Smoke Red Lamp Cigarette )
Chhikk Maar ke Challi Gaddi Tata Di
Kadey Na tutey Jutti Bata Di
( Tata Trucks move giving our sneezes- referring to release of extra air from air brakes drum
Bata shoes do not break )


Considering the present day chaos in Afghanistan , it would seen ironic , that around 50 years back the most popular cosmetic cream in India was AFGHAN SNOW ( manufactured by ES Patanwala of Bombay / Mumbai )
AFGHANISTAN is in Shambles
With Global Warming / environmental degradation , probably , even SNOW may also disappear

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