June 09, 2015

East India Company -How Opium Traders Became Rulers

There are very clear similarities between what is happening in present day Afghanistan and Arab world ( Iraq, Libya , Syria etc ) and what happened in India in the 18 th Century ( Later Mughals )


Afghans under Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India . They defeated the then emerging Marathas. It is said that the Third Battle of Panipat did not decide who would rule India. IT DECIDED WHO WOULD NOT.

Marathas were routed . The vacuum was filled by an opportunist English riff raff cartel of opium traders named East India Company.

Present day intervention by Super Power in Afghanistan , Iraq etc destroyed their National authorities. Opportunists like Taliban , ISIS have moved in to fulfill the vacuum.

Once Opium Traders of East India Co. became rulers , they became THE HONOURABLE COMPANY BAHADUR

Khooni Darwaza Delhi ( Opp present day Maulana Azad Medical College ). The brutal and inhuman way in which the Royal Princes were butchered by Hodson reminds of recent events in Iraq / Libya etc



 ISIS leader of 19th century India


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