June 16, 2015

Petrol Prices Up - Diesel Down - How is it Possible ?

Jalandhar Thinkers are discussing :-

Are Petrol and Diesel refined from two different sets of Crude Oil ?

If Petrol and Diesel prices have been truly decontrolled then how can price of Petrol move upwards and Diesel move downwards ?

International Crude Oil Prices are down by 50 % on Year to Year Basis. BUT PETROL PRICES ARE BACK TO LAST YEAR'S HIGH .

Punjab is Selling Petrol nearly Rs. 9 Per Litre More than in Chandigarh'

Petrol price in Punjab is Highest in India.

Latest ( as on 16/06/2015 ) Rates of Petrol :-

Chandigarh : Rs. 68 / 35 p

Haryana  :       Rs 71/ 06 p

Punjab    :        Rs.76 / 31 p

( World wide  prices of Petrol and Diesel are same )

In India Petrol is consumed by the common man ( Non Vote Banks ) in scooters , motorcycles , small cars )

Diesel is consumed by the Vote Banks.

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Physically Handicapped Should be Kept out of Politics of Vote Banks.
Petrol to Physically Handicapped be given at Cost Price i.e @ Rs. 20 Per Liter