November 13, 2015

Cut Govt. Expenditure - Cut Taxes - Jalandhar Thinkers

Govt Gains Massively on Crude Oil Price Fall But Still Imposes More Taxes ( Swachh Bharat Cess )

( Govt saves One Lakh Fifty Thousand Crore Annually )

 Where has all the money gone ?
Govt should instead cut its Administration Costs and Govt. Expenditure
1) Bureaucracy should be cut , on immediate basis . by 30 %. Laws and procedures should be simplified.

2 ) MP s / MLA s should participate through Video Conferences from their constituencies ( so that they remain in touch with their Electorates ) .

3 ) Punjab MLA s / Minsters should pay their Income Tax from their own pockets


In Punjab Creamy Layer Dalits and Super Rich Farmers Get Free Electricity . Not a single Paisa Relief to Physically Handicapped Punjabis .


Crude Oil Windfall But Still Govt. Imposes More Taxes-Jalandhar Thinkers

PPAC had in July projected a saving of over $24 billion, or Rs 1.5 lakh crore (at $65/barrel and dollar exchange rate of Rs 62), in the import bill for 2015-16. The final numbers could be higher.
To put the sum in perspective, the savings will be enough to cover the Centre's school education, health, women and child development budgets and pay for the rural jobs scheme. There could perhaps be still some money left at final count.
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Petrol to Physically Handicapped Indians should be given at Cost Price i.e, Rs. 20 Per Liter.

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Petrol Cost Price Falls Below Rs. 20 Liter

Physically Handicapped Indians should be allowed to import directly Duty Free Petrol.

( This can be bundled with OMC s ( Oil Marketing Companies like Hindustan Petroleum , Indian Oil etc ) for onward distribution.