December 07, 2015

Global Warming - More Floods ??

Because of Global Warming more evaporation is taking place in the Oceans ( more rain bearing Monsoon clouds ) . All previous Highest Flood Level ( HFL ) calculations can go wrong.

God Forbid - after recent Chennai floods - More Nasty surprises.

Example : River Beas , Pong Dam built . Flow regulated at 52 Gates also. River bed downstream becomes narrower.

In Punjab , there were many Spillways ( left Bank - traces on GT Road causeways between Hamira and Beas ) running along the River Beas which carried the extra water of Beas during floods. These spillway river beds are seeing lot of construction.

In Himachal Pradseh rampant construction even on the erstwhile river bed of Beas ( A private University just upstream of Mirthal ).

But God forbid , unprecedented rains ( due to Global Warming ) . Flood gates opened at Pong Dam - 52 Gates .

Do do depend upon previous HFLs ( Highest Flood Levels )

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