January 17, 2016

Old Railway Bridge on Sutlej at Phillaur - Built in 1870

The  Single Line Railway Bridge on the Sutlej at Phillaur ( near Ludhiana )sandwiched between the Double Line Railway Bridge upstream and Double Road Road Bridge Down stream , is  now  , Abandoned  .

Pic of the Old Bridge :-



It was built n the year 1870 during the construction of Railway Line in Punjab by  Scinde, Punjab - Delhi Railway.



Scinde, Punjab, Delhi 's Logo




This 1870 Bridge changed the way Sutlej was crossed . 

Earlier ,it appears , there used to be a temporary Boat Bridge which was dismantled during floods 

An example of Boat bridge 

( Note : This one is on River Ravi )


Sometimes , individuals crossed the Rivers using inflated complete Buffalo skins


 There  were also " Ferry  Crossing ) " Beydi s "  at the famous Pattan at Phillaur. 
After 1870 , Ferry Crossing came to an end at Phillaur.



The railway bridge was , also used as Road Bridge. Road traffic was closed when ever Trains passed.

Some what like this. ( NOT THIS BRIDGE ) To give an idea ONLY



Some time later , the Double Line Railway Bridge was built ( just upstream  of Old Rail / Road  Bridge ).

Please study this Google Pic carefully. You would notice the slight deviation in alignment of  the railway lines direction  , approaching the River Sutlej , on both sides , to adjust for the new twin railway bridges :-



The Old 1870 built Bridge was handed over to PWD and was continued to be used solely as  a Road Bridge

As it was a single railway line bridge , road traffic was alternating One Way Traffic ( as were the Old Beas Bridge at GT Road , Beas and old Yamuna Bridge at Kalanaur ( Yamunanagar- Saharanpur ) .

This road bridge continued to be operational till early 1970 s when the first new road bridge ( just downstream ) was built  ( by Gammon India ).


We wish the old 1870 Historical Bridge be preserved as a National Heritage.

Present state of the Bridge



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