February 07, 2016

1857 Revolt - Rare 1912 Movie ( Silent )

857 Revolt - Rare 1912 Movie ( Silent )

Henry Lawrence , of East India Company ,neutralized in Lucknow ,by our Great Soldiers in the First War of Independence - 1857-58

: Shot at locations around Bermuda ranging from Tom Moore's Jungle to Flatts Village to the narrow lanes of St. George, the one-reel silent movie Relief of Lucknow was filmed on the Island in 1912 by a production team from the New York-based Thomas Edison Inc. Owned by the celebrated inventor, the first commercially exhibited motion pictures in the United States were produced by the Edison studio. Relief of Lucknow -- made to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the sepoy siege of that city during the Indian rebellion against British rule -- was one of about a dozen short films the Edison company shot in Bermuda in the winter and spring of 1912. Other pictures filmed here that year include one of the earliest versions of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Treasure Island and a melodrama titled The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter. All of these silent movies are now believed to be lost with the exception of about ten minutes of Relief Of Lucknow -- which constitutes some of the earliest known motion picture footage ever shot in Bermuda. Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion of the Queen's Own Regiment, then stationed in Bermuda, were pressed into service for the film's battle sequences. And a miscalculation by a special effects technician working on the film resulted in the veranda of a house in Flatts being blown off during the production.
Watch the 1912 American Movie on 1857 -Revolt ( Death of Henry Lawrence and his Hasty Burial at Night )
A Scene- showing Hasty Burial at Night of Henry Lawrence in Lucknow.

William Hodson -another ringleader of the buccaneering East India Company was , also , neutralized in Lucknow in 1858, by the Brave Indian soldiers


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