April 04, 2016

Injured Birds Medical Treatment Centre in Jalandhar

Ajay Jain Memorial Pakshi Vihar,

Kala Sanghia Road , 


is doing a marvelous job is rescuing and giving medical treatment to injured birds.Persons responsible for this great work of bird welfare include among others: 

Kulwinder Singh Cheema

Mahesh Dhir

Raman Kumar

Vijay Kumar

Vinod Kumar

Rajinder Kumar

Jai Singh

Jalandhar is very proud of them.


Unknown said...

Is there a contact number?

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

I will try to find out the contact number.

Unknown said...

Koi na jana aithe eh frud hai sb

Unknown said...

Eh pakshi vihar frud bai ache pakshi dekh k bech dinde hai baadch sb nu kedinde hai mar gya tuhada pakshi bht vade frud hai eh sb

Anchal Chadha said...

FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD.. no treatment available, careless people, they just play with the emotions of other's, no caretakers.. please never go there for any kind of treatment.

Unknown said...

Fraud.. fake people.. please never go there.. careless people, no caretaker, no treatment available here, they people just spoil the life of your bird..
Worst behaviour.. no facility, even no one is there to provide water for injured birds..