May 29, 2016

Agrarian Crisis In Punjab _ Jalandhar Thinkers Analysis

Farm Sector - Only Actual Tillers Should Get Relief

That there is an agrarian crisis in Punjab , we cannot deny.
But let us analyse it in the correct perspective :-

There are Rich Farmers and Marginal Farmers.
Differentiation should made a between Actual Tillers and Absentee Landlords ( who give their Land on Lease to Actual Tillers ).
Relief / Tax rebates should only be given to Actual Tillers.
Actual Tillers are the biggest suffers.
Strict action should be taken against those Revenue Officials ( Patwaris ) who manipulate Revenue records to show Absentee Landlords as Actual Tillers. NRI s who never visit India take away Tax free income and , in Punjab , free Electricity etc.
In Punjab Farmers ( including Rich Farmers ) and Dalits ( including Creamy Layer ) get Free Electricity , Not a single Paisa Relief to Physically Handicapped.
It is the question of paying Income Tax. Only Actual Tillers ( Plough Wielders ) are exempt not Absentee Non Tiller Landlords including NRI s.
If Physically Handicapped pay for their Electricity consumption so can Rich Farmers / NRI s and Creamy Layer Dalits.
It is all about Divide And Rule / Vote Bank politics.
1 ) It is only the the City dwellers who pay Property Tax. Palatial Farm Houses are exempt.
2) Actual Tillers ( Plough Wielders ) who take Land on very high Lease rates commit suicide. Patwari records manipulated to show Absentee Non Tiller Landlords as Actual Tillers.

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