September 13, 2016

How , in 1948 Pakistan Retained India's Northern Kashmir Territories

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However, while the army was on the job, Prime Minister Nehru took the fateful decision on January 1, 1948 - much against the advice of Sardar Patel - to complain to the UN Security Council.


Jalandhar Thinkers feel :-

Sardar Patel unified the entire country by merger of the numerous Princely states. Had Sardar 's views prevailed there would not have been any Kashmir problem and India would not have surrendered abjectly in Tibet. With Tibet existing as an independent nation , there would not have been any hostile Chinese neighborhood. Sardar Patel had warned Nehru against the Chinese designs on Tibet and the repercussions it would have on India.

Separatists and Pro Pakistan politicians in Kashmir valley would have been very effectively dealt with , had Nehru not made a mess of many things for which India is still paying the price. Mainly taking Kashmir to UNO , capitulation of Indian Interests in Tibet , Non use of Air Force in Indo Chinese War -1962 , Surrender of Coco Islands in strategic Bay of Bengal to Burma ( Burma later gave them to the Chinese ) Nehru rejected a proposal from Nepal for Nepal joining India etc etc.

A little known inside in to Sardar`s greatness . While India and Pakistan were fighting over Kashmir and demarcation of other Muslim majority areas there was one strategic area which was totally Muslim. Lakshdweep Islands Sardar quietly sent a naval ship.which hoisted the Indian Flag there few days later a Pakistani ship came but had to return. . The greatness of Sardar lies in the fact that Sardar never let Lakshdweep Islands become an issue . Sardar Patel

Sardar Patel placed the interests of his country above every thing . He did not encourage his children to interfere in state matters and , he did not leave behind a dynasty.He was the true " Iron Man of India ) and after Mahatma Gandhi , Gujarat 's ( then Bombay Presidency ) biggest gift to India.

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