October 27, 2016

Punjab- Abolish Toll Tax Plazas -Jalandhar Thinkers

 Most of Punjab's Toll Plazas  have collected much more than their Investment / Returns )

As per Allahabad High Court Ruling in the Noida Toll Bridge case.

Noida Toll Bridge Company - Contract Was Deeply Flawed

Allahabad High Court has made Delhi-Noida Toll Bridge Toll Free as the Company owning it i.e. Noida Toll Bridge Co. ( Listed on BSE/ NSE ) has more than recovered its investment and returns.
Delhi Noida Toll Bridge was one of first projects under PPP business model( Private Public Participation ) under the concept of BOOT ( Build , Own , Operate , Transfer ).

However , Delhi - Noida Toll Bridge 's Contract was deeply flawed and totally one sided - in favour of the Contractors and against the Public- a scam

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In 1991, a few prematurely retired IAS officers came together to float, in collaboration with some businessmen, a company called Infrastructure Finance & Leasing Services (IF&LS).
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Although the Contract ostensibly gave Ownership / Toll Rights for around 30 years ( or less ) , the fine print of the contract allowed de facto perpetual Toll rights ( till eternity )

A clear instance of gross overcharging of the Public by ex Babudom ( IAS lobby ).


Toll Tax Loot in Punjab

Now , action wanted in Punjab

nexus between corporates-bureaucrats-politicians
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