August 03, 2017

Why do we use the word RETURNS for our Income tax details submitted ?

The answer lies in the situation prevailing in British India in 1860.
Before the Revolt of 1857 , East India Company officials were most corrupt. East India Company's Rule ended in 1858 , after the Great Revolt ( First War of Independence of 1857 )
In the Reforms introduced by the new British Crown administration,every British official RETURNING to England had to submit details of the property he had acquired during his stay in India ( Hence , the word RETURN )
Robert Clive , Warren Hastings had acquired millions by looting Indians ( Back in England , they were derisively called "NABOBS `
) "
East India Company was the first Organised Drug Traffickers Syndicate.
East India Company made Indian farmers grow opium which it then exported to China


In India when Physically Handicapped pay Income Tax why cannot all segments ?

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