September 03, 2017

Congrats Hardeep Puri IFS

( on his inclusion in the Union Cabinet )

Hardeep Puri was my senior in St. Stephen's College , Delhi. Like the legendary fellow Stephanian Shashi Tharoor, Hardeep had passed out from college before I joined in 1975.

But I had the honour of meeting Hardeep Puri , around 1977 , when I , along with my Stephanian colleague Arun Sharma (of RBI and later World Bank ) went to meet him at Asian Apartments ( KG Marg , New Delhi ).Hardeep was then posted in Tokyo and had brought a packet for Arun from Arun 's father who was Hardeep's senior in Indian Embassy ,Tokyo.

Pradeep Puri

Hardeep 's younger brother Pradeep Puri was in Delhi University along with us. Like his elder brother Hardeep , Pradeep was a topper in academics.and a great debater etc.

Naturally , Pradeep got admission in St. Stephen's College. But because of either sibling rivalry or to prove his point that colleges do not mean much and St. Stephen's College was more of a hype , Pradeep , instead , took admission in Hindu College.

( Pradeep went on to become Managing Director of Noida Toll Bridge Limited )
During our times , in St. Stephen's College , we had the great Ramu Damodaran ( IFS )


Hardeep Puri

Pradeep Puri

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