February 25, 2018

Let Us Rebuild Azad Hind Fauj War Memorial

Nehru , always , towed Mountbatten 's line.

On recapturing Singapore in 1945 , Mountbatten blew up ,by putting explosives , the Azad Hind War Memorial in Singapore ( like ISIS blowing up Al Nuri Mosque in Mosul ).

Nehru made no attempt to rebuild Azad Hind War Memorial in Free India.

Let us Rebuild now , at a suitable place, Azad Hind War Memorial .

We wish Volunteers take up this Project. We will put the names of all Azad Hind Fauj soldiers.
Jai Hind
What an irony ?

In 1979 , Mountbatten himself was blown up by explosives.

Netaji Message while paying tributes to the martyrs of INA

“The future generations of Indians who will be born, not as slaves but as free men, because of your colossal sacrifice, will bless your names and proudly proclaim to the world that you, their forbears, fought and suffered reverses in the battle of Manipur, Assam and Burma. But through temporary failure you paved the way to ultimate success and glory.”

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