April 10, 2018

Himachal School Bus Tragedy

The terrible school bus tragedy took place on the road connecting the towns of Nurpur ( Himachal Pradesh ) and Dunera ( Punjab ).

This is a link road criss crossing mountains and valleys, part of it is Punjab and part in Himachal Pradesh

We , recently , travelled on this road ,by car from Dunera ( on the main Pathankot -Dalhousie road ) to Nurpur ( on the main Pathankot - Dharamshala road ).

After a few kilometers from Dunera , the road goes downhill steeply along a deep canyon ( gorge ).

The road , especially the part in Punjab is in a terrible state. It is very narrow , broken and without proper safety railings along the khuds. Himachal stretch of the road is better.

The road is not fit for driving after dark.

The school , which we passed by from the road , had a beautiful and a large campus.

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