June 26, 2018

Don't Blame Sardar For Nehru's Mistakes


It is wrong to say that the great Sardar Patel offered Kashmir to Pakistan.

Sardar was determined that Nizam's Hyderabad should not merge with Pakistan as the Hyderabad Princely State was in centre of India.

Regarding Kashmir Sardar adopted a wait and watch policy. when the Maharaja of Kashmir was negotiating for special terms / concessions Sardar was not very forthcoming.

Once, Kashmir Maharaja had officially and legally acceded to India , Sardar was firmly against any talk of issues like UNO / Plebiscite or cease fire which gave Pakistan control of northern Kashmir.

All the bungling on Kashmir is only because of Nehru which the Sardar had strenuously tried to prevent.
Do not blame Sardar for Nehru's faults.


Pakistan claims Siachen because it says Nehru said India was not interested in Siachen.

 Nehru was not interested , also , in Tibet ,Nepal , Sikkim,Coco Islands , Aksai Chin ( Nehru infamously said " Not a Blade of Grass Grow there : and has written off North East in 1962.

 There were incursions in Aksai Chin ahead of the 1962 war. When the inimitable Piloo Mody raised the matter in parliament, prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who was otherwise a gifted orator, tried to downplay the issue. Nehru said it was a barren, inhospitable land and India had lost little by its occupation by China.

"Not a blade of grass grows in Aksai Chin," Nehru famously said. (To which freedom fighter Mahavir Tyagi retorted, pointing to his bald head and saying: "Nothing grows here either... should it be cut off or given away to somebody?") 


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